Saturday, September 18, 2010

ARTIST RESEARCH: Minerva Cuevas (Sept 2010)

In Utö, the most southern inhabited island in the Archipelago       photo by Lotta Petronella

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ARTIST RESEARCH: Monica Narula from Raqs Media Collective (September 2010)

Out at sea with Monica, Antonia Ringbom (artist/animator for CAA) and Taru Elfving             photo by Lotta Petronella

Monica Narula of Raqs Media Collective, from New Delhi in India, came to the archipelago on a very brief visit while travelling in Europe. This was to prove an amazingly productive speedy stop-over, while even allowing for wonderful sense of slowing down. This is the magic of the outer archipelago, such as the small picturesque island of Aspö, where just one evening can feel like a long weekend, under the stars with no light pollution and not a soul around.

Visiting the island of Aspö and the cows gracing there      photo Lotta Petronella

Friday, September 3, 2010

ARTIST RESEARCH: Elin Wikström (Sept 2010)

A visit to Jungfruskär with fisherman Fjalar Johansson      photo by Lotta Petronella
Elin’s second visit begun with a birds-eye view of the islands as she experienced her first of cruise ship between Stockholm and Turku. 
The week in the archipelago allowed for further and more focused research into the underwater ecology of the area. From alien species her interest shifted towards plants and their role in the complex marine ecosystem. The water was exceptionally clear this year and the visibility perfect for snorkelling. We were even greeted by a huge number of jellyfish that had just now appeared in the end of the summer – perhaps a good sign, as they apparently only thrive in healthy sea beds.

In Jungfruskär, an outer island part of the Archipelago National Park             photo by Lotta Petronella

Elin snorkling    photo Elin Wikström
Elin gained an insight into the research on sea grass from marine biologist Christoffer Boström and his team on a field trip around the outer islands of Turku archipelago. Taru joined in on another snorkelling trip, with Trygve Löfroth (Metsä) to Hästö underwater nature trail. We also got more insight about an ongoing research project, led in Korpoström by Heidi Arponen (Metsähallitus), that maps the sea bottom of the Turku archipelago and its various habitats. A visit to the Archipelago Research Institute in Seili and participation in the CAA discussion event on Ecology completed the picture of current marine research done in the area.

In addition to the underwater worlds Elin got to visit the artist Anna Nyreen (also in CAA), her ceramics studio and gallery in a hidden corner of Nagu.