Monday, October 4, 2010

ARTIST RESEARCH: Arja Lehtimäki (October 2010)

Arja took part in a cross-disciplinary discussion with Katja Bonnevier (Biosphere Reserve) on the topic of sustainable fishing at the CAA lecture series in Turku University. This launched her research for the art project on local food for CAA, the complex situation of fishing as a starting point: why is there no longer much fish in the area, or why are we not eating the fish there are still plenty or even increasing amounts of?

On a quick first visit to the islands we checked out a number of restaurants that were nearly all closed, out of season. And in the end we run out of time to taste pizza with wild local chantarelle mushrooms in the Korpo pub and restaurant Hjalmar’s. Alongside the question of fishing, we discovered a wealth of issues to do with other local food production, in particular on our drive around the island of Wattkast in Korpo. Huge greenhouses are currently being built there, while we visited next door the farm of Thomas Johansson and Johanna Franzen. They shared their experiences and insight of running and developing their farm of up to two hundred beef cattle and hundred sheep. The animals spend their summers taking care of the landscape and its biodiversity on the outer islands, for example on Aspö.

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